Warranty Information

Warranty Information & Condition of Sale...

Most PC Boards on this site are sold AS-IS and without warranty UNLESS there is a specific warranty period stated in the item description. The physical condition of each board is clearly stated on all item descriptions, and the PC Board you receive is guaranteed to match that description.

In some cases, the PC Board in the photo may not be the "exact" board you receive. We often get several of the same PC BoardS and all may be in the same physical condition. For example, there may be two identical PC Boards in excellent condition, but have different brands of IC's in the sockets. We generally will take a photo of only one of the boards and use that photo to sell both items ... the photo is used mostly as a reference to verify that the item you're seeing is what you truly need. Therefore, there may be "minor variations" between the photo and the actual item received.

Guide to Item Descriptions...

EXCELLENT   The board looks new or has very minor wear on the electrical connections. In general, the board has little to no scuff marks, scratches, dings, etc. There are no signs of component replacement or heat damage. This board will basically look like it was installed in equipment, maybe tested, then taken out and put into storage.

GOOD   The board looks good, but has clearly been used in equipment. It may have some obvious wear on the connectors, but they will still be in very good condition. There may be some light scuff marks on the surface of the board, or possibly some light scratches or dings on the edge of the board. There may be a sign of component replacement, but the board is clean and flux free. There are no signs of heat damage to the PC Board and all stripes will be intact.

FAIR   The board has definitely seen some action. The connectors may show wear from multiple insertions. The PC board may have a lot of mechanical abrasions, scuff marks, dings, etc. There may be signs of component replacement, maybe even signs of flux on some of the pads. There may be indications of minor heat damage to certain sections of the PC Board. There might be signs that components have gotten too hot or have run for many hours under heavy load. The board will be complete with all components and the stripes may show wear, but will all be in tact.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS   Some boards may have additional comments written in the item description. For example, a PC board may "appear" to be missing a component or two. If we notice this, we will make a note in the item description. The reason we say it "may" be missing components, is that several boards have spots for components that never get inserted except in specific applications. If we find a socket without a component, we will usually make a comment in the item description. Please note, that a PC Board could be missing a component but still be given an "excellent" rating, because the board is in "like-new condition". The important thing, is to carefully read the entire item description to be certain you understand what you're buying. As always, ask questions BEFORE you purchase an item to minimize any possible misunderstandings.