Welcome to PC Boards and More!

Hello and welcome to PC Boards and More! This site was created to make it easier for people to locate obsolete or hard-to-find PC boards and other electronic items.

What we offer and all about us.

Within this site, you'll find PC boards used in many applications including industrial, medical, scientific, consumer, automotive, computer, data communications/telecom, and many others. All PC Boards listed are classified by physical condition and functional status.

Each PC Board listed also specifies the condition of the sale. In other words, some PC Boards are sold with a guarantee, some are guaranteed not to be DOA, and some items are simply sold As-Is with no guarantee. 

At this point, we have a very limited staff so we will not show our phone number on this website ... instead, we prefer to handle all transactions via E mail. Please feel free to contact us at info@cascadelaser.com. This gives us a written record of each transaction and allows us to handle a large volume of inquiries without being barraged with phone calls. If during any transaction a phone call needs to be made, we'll be happy to call you to discuss any details.

Within this site you will find PC Boards that go into several brands of equipment including; Spectra Physics, Lee Laser, Tektronix, Zygo, SBE, Sun Microsystems, XRL, Digital Equipment Corp., Sieb & Meyer, Hewlett Packard, Chicago Laser System, AISI, Intelledex, Computer Boards Inc, Bustronics, FEE, Potter & Brumfield, Western Servo Design, PMC, Radisys, ESI, Contec, Xyratex, Performance Technologies, Mariposa Technology, Exar Corp., MTI Milliren Tech., National Instruments, Micro Vision, Dynamotion, GE, LG, White Westing House, Media, High Sense, Mitsubishi, Compaq Presario, Welso, Intel, Sundance Spas, Powertec, CE, Toshiba, and National.