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Round Plastic Tag Specifications

  • Round plastic tags have 1 hole per tag (see drawing below)
  • Round plastic tags are available in six sizes;
    (1", 1-3/32", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", and 2" diameter)
  • Standard plastic materials are .060" thick.
  • All Laserables Series Plastics are UV stable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Heavy Metal Series (Smooth Gold/Black) and (Smooth Silver/Black) in matte or gloss are UV stable for both indoor and outdoor use. See standard material options here.

    If you are looking for plastics with adhesive backing or magnetic backing, please visit our "Specialty Plastics" page.

Standard Round Plastic Tag

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Size: 1" dia. ROUND TAG
  1-3/32" dia. ROUND TAG

1-1/4" dia. ROUND TAG

  1-3/8" dia. ROUND TAG
  1-1/2" dia. ROUND TAG
  2" dia. ROUND TAG
  NOTE: If you do not see the size you need, please link to our custom tags page.
Color: Select from the color options available in our Laser Engravable Series or our Heavy Metal Series.

NOTE: If you are looking for plastics with adhesive or magnetic backing, please see our "Specialty Plastics" page.
black / white
gray flannel / white
white / black
teal / white
white / red
plum / white
white / blue
purple haze / white
white / green
medium walnut / white
red / white
platinum marble / black
blue / white
deep charcoal marble / white
green / white
deep charcoal gf marble / white
yellow / black
verde green marble / white
dark brown / white
verde green gf marble / white
navy blue / white
wild cranberry marble / white
burgundy / white
shaded spruce granite / white
pine green / white
rustico granite / white
pumice / white
outrageous pink / white
brushed gold / black
nickel brush / burgundy
brushed gold / blue
steel blue brush / black
brushed gold / green
steel blue brush / blue
brushed gold / burgundy
brushed brass / black
brushed aluminum / black
amber brush / black
brushed aluminum / blue
copper brush / black
smooth gold / black
copper brush / dark green
smooth silver / black
tahitian bronze / black
radiant gold / black
tahitian bronze / burgundy
nickel brush / black
grand illusion / white

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  NOTE: Logo's or other graphic files can be engraved.
If this is something you are interested in please let us know in the "Comments or Questions" section below.
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  Other, please specify:
The accessories shown below are optional, see examples.
Split Key Rings
(sold in bags of 100)
Split Key Ring
S-Hook Links
(sold in bags of 100)
S-Hook Link
5/8" dia.
7/8" nickel
3/4" dia.
7/8" brass
1" dia.
1-1/8" nickel
1-1/4" dia.
1-1/8" brass
1-1/2" dia.
1-1/2" nickel
2" dia.
1-1/2" brass
(sold in boxes of 1000)
(sold in bags of 500)
  3/8" gold (cone head) (boxes)   1/2" x .062 gold (bags)
  3/8" silver (cone head) (boxes)   1/2" x .062 silver (bags)
  3/8" gold (rosette head) (boxes)   3/8" x .050 gold (bags)
  3/8" silver (rosette head) (boxes)   3/8" x .050 silver (bags)
Phillips-Head Screws
(available in gold or silver)
(sold in bags of 100)
Beaded Chains
(sold in bags of 100)
Beaded Chain

4.5" nickel

  #2 gold
(fits 3/32" tag holes)
4.5" brass
  #4 gold
(fits 7/64" & 1/8" tag holes)
6" brass
  #4 gold
(fits 7/64" & 1/8" tag holes)
  #6 gold
(fits 5/32" tag holes)
  #8 gold
(fits 3/16" tag holes)
  #2 silver
(fits 3/32" tag holes)
  #4 silver
(fits 7/64" & 1/8" tag holes)
  #4 silver
(fits 7/64" & 1/8" tag holes)
  #6 silver
(fits 5/32" tag holes)
  #8 silver
(fits 3/16" tag holes)

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